Golden Cross [Drama TV series]

Golden CrossDrama TV series Golden Cross is a 2014 South Korean television series starring Kim Kang-woo, Lee Si-young, Um Ki-joon, Han Eun-jung and Jeong Bo-seok. It airs on KBS2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 beginning April 9, 2014.

Sinopsis Golden Cross 

A shadowy pop culture known as “Golden Cross” overwhelms the Korean economy and commercial center with its profound associations and budgetary force. Prosecutor Kang Do-yoon gets caught into their dealings when one of their plots gets his cherished sister killed, a wrongdoing for which his father then gets encircled. Do-yoon pledges exact retribution on Seo Dong-ha, the effective man behind the association, however intricacies emerge when he discovers that Seo is the father of the lady he cherishes, his associate Seo Yi-re. Yi-re is a honest and truth-looking for prosecutor; she grew up regarding and complying with her father, and her life is tossed into disorder when she finds his dim side. Then, Seo sustains a protegee, businessperson Michael Jang, whose ravenousness and aspiration soon makes him challenge his guide for the top spot. A crash of wills, fortunes, and personalities begins.

Fundamental characters:

Kim Kang-charm as Kang Do-yoon
Lee Si-joung as Seo Yi-re
Um Ki-joon as Michael Jang
Han Eun-jung as Hong Sa-ra
Jeong Bo-seok as Seo Dong-ha

Sinopsis Kdrama God’s Gift 14 Days

God's Gift - 14 DaysShow “God’s Gift – 14 Days” is a 2014 South Korean TV arrangement featuring Lee Bo-junior, Jo Seung-charm, Kim Tae-charm, Jung Gyu-woon and Kim Yoo-receptacle. It pretense on SBS on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 16 scenes starting March 3, 2014.

Sinopsis God’s Gift 14 Days
Kim Soo-hyun is a mother whose youthful girl gets seized and executed. She recovers an opportunity to go in time two prior weeks the episode, and need to race to spare her before she kicks the bucket once more. Ki Dong Chan who was a previous remarkable Police Officer helps her in her endeavor to spare her little girl. In the 14 days, more insider facts were uncovered and providing for them clues to spare Kim Soo Hyun’s little girl. Will they succeed in sparing Han Saet Byul and Ki Dong Chan’s innnocent simple-minded sibling who is erroneously denounced for killing Dong Chan’s ex-sweetheart Soo Jung? Who is the killer of Soo Jung and hijacker of Han Saet Byul ?

Primary God’s Gift 14 Days characters:

Lee Bo-adolescent as Kim Soo-hyun
A fruitful TV journalist for a current issues program. She sets out back in time to bring her dead kid once more to life.

Jo Seung-charm as Ki Dong-chan
He was at one time an extraordinary cop, who left the power after a certain occurrence. Notwithstanding a private specialist, Dong-chan has an individual association with the case and aides Soo-hyun when she about-faces in time.

Kim Tae-charm as Han Ji-hoon
He is a human rights legal counselor who is energetic about his work and is a cherishing spouse to Soo-hyun and committed father to Saet-byul. At the same time he is likewise harboring a mystery.

Jung Gyu-woon as Hyun Woo-jin
An analyst in the brutal unlawful acts division, he graduated the police institute at the highest point of his class and is as of now known as future police official material. He is Soo-hyun’s first love, and she all of a sudden comes to him out of the blue and implores him to discover the suspect who will kill her girl in two weeks’ opportunity. At first doubting, he gets sucked into the case and puts his profession hanging in the balance to help her.

Kim Yoo-canister as Han Saet-byul
Soo-hyun and Ji-hoon’s little girl. Saet-byul is idiosyncratic and charming, however a bit of a pariah at school. She doesn’t get great evaluations, yet is warm and kind notwithstanding the way that alternate children forget her and call her the unusual child. Her one companion is Young-gyu.

Baro as Ki Young-gyu
A developmentally handicapped high school kid with the mental period of a six-year-old. He is Saet-byul’s kindergarten colleague and companion, and tries to spare her from the killer. His handicap was created by Woo-Jin shooting him in the head when he was grabbed.

Han Sunhwa as Jenny
She began as a swindler who’d as of recently been to correctional facility five times, until Dong-chan employed her as a fake location master.

KMovie: Quick (2011)

Quick (2011)Plot Stories

Ki-Soo (Lee Min-Ki), Myung-Sik (Kim In-Kwon) and Ah-Rom (Gang Ye-Won) were parts of the same famous bike group. They reveled in their days meandering the roads heedlessly on their cruisers. Presently, Ki-Soo functions as a bike conveyance man, Myung-Sik is a cruiser cop and Ah-Rom is a part of pop symbol bunch. One day, Ki-Soo has Ah-Rom riding on the over of his cruiser as he makes a conveyance. Amazingly the conveyed bundle blasts as he leaves the building. Ki-Soo’s cellphone rings and he hears a voice letting him know that their is an alternate shell planted in his cap which Ah-Rom is wearing. Ki-Soo is requested to take an alternate conveyance. On the off chance that the conveyance is late or he endeavors to flee the head protector will blastStars Quick Movies: Lee Min Ki, Yoon Je Moon, Kang Ye Won, Kim In Kwon, Ko Chang Seok.

KMovie: Deranged (2012)


 DerangedPlot Story Deranged

Jae-hyuk (Kim Myung-min) is a previous educator with a doctorate in natural chemistry who is presently acting as a pharmaceutical deals delegate in the wake of losing his life reserve funds and his employment because of a terrible financing he made in the stock exchange from guidance he gained from his more youthful sibling. At the point when an arrangement of dead bodies are discovered gliding in the Han River, people in general is stunned to run across that the passings are identified with a deadly flare-up of infection contaminated mutant parasitic horsehair worms, called Yeongasi, that can control the human mind. Those contaminated show side effects of expanded yearning without proper weight addition and unreasonable thirst when the worms are develop and primed to replicate. Consequently, they hop into the stream to permit the worms to leave the body. While the powers work to discover a cure, Jae-hyuk and his sibling Jae-pil (Kim Dong-wan), an analyst struggled with blame for misusing Jae-hyuk’s cash in money markets, battle to spare Jae-hyuk’s family when they additionally display comparable indications.

So many actors and actrees in this movie: Moon Jung Hee, Kim Myung Min, Kim Dong Wan, Lee Ha Nui, Kang Shin Il